Highly popular Fazil Marija enjoyed a 15-year career at the top level. He has always been an example to the game!

Marija has won numerous International National Rugby Awards for his excellence in the field of Rugby. In 2007 and 2009, Marija became the Most Outstanding Player of the Year (Caltex Rugby Awards, Sri Lanka), in 2009 he was also recognised as the ‘Best Three Quarter’, in 2011 he became the ‘Best Ruggerite of the Year’ and in 2012 he became ‘Best Fly Half of the Year’ In 2015, Marija was reappointed as the Sri Lankan captain and led the team to victory in the Asian Rugby Championship in the Philippines.

Fazil is the Founder of School of Rugby the first Rugby pre-school in Sri Lanka!

Listen to Fazil and his journey on the RUGBYCOFFEE Podcast.

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